Chinese Proprietary Herbal Medicine Listed in ‘China National Essential Drug List’ for Common Cold: A

Here’s what was going on. As stated in Volume IV of Comprehensive Medical Knowledge by Zhao Xianke, “Those who suffer dysphagia are hungry and want to eat; however, they are affected by swallowing difficulties between the throat and diaphragm just above the stomach. In addition, the report of patients’ syndrome differentiation (‘bianzheng’ in TCM, a specific diagnosis in TCM) was inadequate. —    Deficiency of Liver and Kidney usually causes a gradual onset of tinnitus with low tones and a poor hearing. •    Gui Zhi helps Ma Huang to dispel Cold and warm the channels. I just prefer natural cold remedies that work TOGETHER with my body’s own immune system to fight illnesses, not take over the fight. If you can’t find them at your local health food store, you can certainly find them on the web.

My introduction to the power of Chinese herbs in treating severe respiratory infections occured nearly 15 years ago. This formula is used to build defensive energy (wei qi) and protect against cold, flu, and other invasions. If there is a blocked nose, add LI-20, LU-7, LU-IO and Extra Bitong to circulate the channel and open the nasal orifice. The yang ling quan (Gb 34) is a sea point, where the meridian qi gather together. 1. StagnationEASE (Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang) is a popular formula for this pattern. Formed stools with undigested food and foul smell are the result of food accumulation.

Add a bit of salt before consuming. Why didn’t I just rub my reflexology points when I started to feel tired and worn down? Reducing method is used on these points. The water element comes into play when choosing foods for your Kidney, too. Moxa applicable. This restricts the tissues from evenly and smoothly sliding over each other. Cold is Yin, heat is Yang.

Water is more Yin than fire; but cold water is more Yin than hot water…so you cannot say that water is absolute Yin. In recent years numerous scientists have turned their attentions on trying to find out what makes these herbs so effective in treating blood stasis type disorders. It was recorded more than 2000 years ago in ‘Inner Canon of Huangdi’, the most acknowledged classics of TCM, that ‘pathogenic wind can cause cold’ [5]. Too much air intake and indigestion could lead to excessive gas in GI tract. Chinese patent medicine (CPM) is an important component of Chinese herbs, and is widely accepted by the Chinese people due to the convenience of application. Tongue: pale; white coating. Main chemical constituents are protein (mainly globulins), fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin A, B, C.

Acyclovir, famcyclovir, valacyclovir, and penciclovir are the currently available medications which act in similar mechanisms by inhibiting viral DNA polymerase and causing premature chain termination when they compete with guanine triphosphate for incorporation into newly synthesized viral DNA (8,–10). The following herbal formulas can be used at various stages of a cold. A hot compress is the TCM remedy. An examination of these causes and some suggested treatments to alleviate the pain are discussed below. Colds and flus can weaken a person’s immune system and give rise to secondary infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia. However, medicinally malva nut refers to the mature seeds from Sterculia lychnophora Hance or Sterculia scaphigera Wall, which is a member in the family Sterculiaceae. Herbs, like vitamins and supplements, can be used for prevention and for healing.

The Zang and Fu organs are the internal organs of the body. Sneezing, runny nose, coughing, sore/itchy throat, headaches, body aches, lethargy, mild fever, sweating profusely or not at all. Below is a list of the most common and most important symptoms so you can determine what your poop is trying to tell you. In FM the pain often is bilateral, variable and generalized (involving all four quadrants). My maternal grandmother had a set of these and my mother has her own set. Colds are much less severe than the flu, but like the flu, virus and germs cause colds. Of course, in this situation, you need to be 200% careful that you are wrapped very well, even you feel very hot and sweaty, do not remove the covers immediately, otherwise, you will end up experiencing the opposite result.

There was an immediate class-wide eruption of “bu shi” (much as Laowai Chinese describes in his post) mid-quiz as the students loudly discussed and debated in Chinese amongst themselves. one that you are dependent on. Moxibustion is the method of burning Mugwort (Ai Ye) or other herbs on, around, or above Acupuncture points. Copyright © 2013 Lizhen Wang et al. Indications: deficient cold mid Jiao (Spleen Yang deficiency), diarrhea (watery stool), turbid Stomach Yin rebelling (nausea, vomiting), poor appetite, cold abdominal pain, no thirst, T- pale with white coat, P- deep thin.