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Now you’ve given me the great idea of applying coconut oil to cold sores and based on your own experience, I’m eager to try it. This means that the oil has some pretty amazing results when you apply it to a burgeoning cold sore! As this natural oil is free 100% free from synthetic chemicals, it won’t irritate sensitive skin or eyes. Focus on spots like elbows and knees that tend to get even drier than other spots. In the Far East, many athletes blend their morning coffee with coconut oil and grass-fed gheeto increase performance and energy. And why this happens? Warts if left alone can often scar the skin area affected and can multiply quickly after the infection starts, especially in children.

Applying a little bit of coconut oil to the site where you feel a cold sore coming on or after one appears, according to DIYnCrafts, may either prevent the sore from appearing or speed up the healing of the sore. Also, the coconut taste can satisfy your sweet tooth in replacement to chocolate spread! Expeller pressed will lend a more neutral flavor, but you may find you like the added flavor of cold-pressed. So horray. The saturated fats in coconut oils help the skin stay moisturized with the fat which prevents moisture from losing through the skin’s pores. Aldi’s coconut oil is smooth, and tastes very coconutty, unlike some of the other oils on the market, and there are many of them! (We don’t even keep these toxic oils around our home.) Note that some of the oil will naturally be absorbed into the mouth.

It also has anti-microbial properties and can kill the microbes that have caused the skin condition. Avoid the razor burn but scorched by the sun? Oral sex is a very common reason why the virus is usually spread.If remaining untreated, this disease can cause infertility in women. Wipe away with a hot washcloth. Deep Condition your Locks By now you see how moisturizing coconut oil is, which makes it the perfect all-natural deep conditioner for your hair as well. I’m trying coconut oil during night and aloe vera during the day just because that’s easier and faster when getting dressed in the mornings. An added bonus, it’s great for reducing wrinkles.

To start, you need a tablespoon of oil (sunflower or sesame are preferred, coconut oil–without hydrogenated by products–is also recommended). Soak a bandage in warm coconut oil (not dripping) but the bandage should be moist with the oil at most times. Just mix coconut oil with coconut sugar to reveal smoother skin. If you have sensitive skin, swap out store-bought shaving cream for coconut oil. Coconut oil helps in digestion and metabolizing of the seeds, while chia is known to boost performance and endurance. I personally like to drink lemon juice when I have a stuffy nose. Lip balm 57.

Also, please remember that what works for one person may not work for another person. Bergamot essential oil has been used since the sixteenth century, there are references to it in many of the older herbals. Chances are you have already had a shower, about to take one or planning where to fit one in before the day is over. Without learning from these beautiful souls, I probably would have never believed in NAET and energy healing enough to give it a try (which has now saved my health). 4. How? Sophie McEniryWritten 192w agoAs a haematology nurse I recall reading a study (sorry, cant recall where/when) showing that sucking on ice prior to and during the administration of chemo to be beneficial.

Massage Oil – Coconut oil soothes tired and sore muscles. Please continue to check the site for updated information. In solution it will kill microorganisms and disease related bacteria. Here’s the skinny: When eaten, coconut oil travels directly to the liver, it is used for energy and not stored as fat. I’ve make it without the dressing she suggests, and switch the maple syrup for rice malt syrup. It is a storehouse of moisturizer. 4.

Since the inception of penicillin back in 1928, discovered by Alexander Fleming, the knowledge of antibiotic resistance was already fresh in his mind. This product is great to be taken internally or to add to food. The best thing about DIY skincare is knowing exactly what’s in it! Why? The reason it has become so popular is that recent scientific research has proven that despite being high in saturated fats, it is actually extremely good for us. Our skin is our largest organ and it’s covered in a gazillion bacteria and a natural oil layer that helps protect our bodies. Some of the most popular articles that I’ve written that also attract many comments are on Oil pulling.

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