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Click here to read more about Genetics as a cause of autism. Gillberg in 1986 described the case of a 14-year old girl who developed a “typical” autistic syndrome after an attack of herpes simplex encephalitis(4). Neuroimagery included brain MRI, single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), and PET. In these cases the DSM5 suggests that symptoms may have been subtle but always present. 2. In this study, maternal viral infections during the first trimester and maternal bacterial infection in the second trimester were found to be associated with autism. The herpes virus, once transmitted, stays in adults can sneak through the rest of their lives and in the brain to disrupt normal brain activity.

The linkage of vaccines to neurological disorders comes through the promotion of an auto-immune process, triggered by the virus present in the vaccine together with the adjuvant used to sensitize the body to this virus. Mouth Sores: Definition, Treatments, and 31 Causes with Pictures. Depending on the amount of woo involved, the fact that people who present unusual but not dysfunctional behavior can be diagnosed with autism (and suffer the consequences)[1] can be used as rational criticism of modern clinical psychology, or as fodder for crank theories about autism being a higher level of evolution. But we know now it was not normal and was concerned then as well, so we switched to a soy formula that she used until she did not throw up as much. The ascending reticular fibers (also known as the reticular activating system) are concerned with degrees of consciousness and alertness (Noback, 2005). Encephalitis caused by the varicella-zoster virus usually responds to acyclovir. In others, the rash gave way to headaches and stiff necks (meningitis); facial drooping, choking, or visual loss like I suffered (attack of the cranial nerves); or terrible shooting pains throughout the torso and limbs.

(1971). There were no differences between either of the groups in terms of antibodies detected for either measles or hhv-6. The descending fibers of the reticular formation in the brainstem are concerned with vegetative or autonomic responses and send messages to target organs that are necessary for our survival. Dr. Antibiotics do NOT work against viruses, hence they are useless against colds and flu’s. Whether due to an underlying viral, retro-viral, other related entity, a likely underlying genetic disposition, and/or other “environmental” changes, the number of children affected seems to be rapidly increasing. However there are cases in which post vaccine encephalitis (brain infection) lead to autism like behavior.

Yeah, CMV is a fascinating virus. If autism can be reversed in one child, it forces us to ask critical questions: How did this happen? However, even though the research indicates that the brain inflammation is relatively common in these children, children with an ASD diagnosis are not generally given the medical diagnosis of encephalitis. A baby who doesn’t respond when its mother says its name. We could not trace data in the literature to compare our results concerning the relationship between serum levels of S100B protein and autoantibodies in autistic patients. Other viruses may also be causes of vagus nerve infection such as Epstein-Barr and the Cytomegalo virus. Although no cure exists, autism is treatable.

Preliminary studies have indicated that vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) therapy currently used to reduce pharmacoresistant seizures in epilepsy, may improve neurocognitive performance in individuals with autism as well as alleviate depression in individuals untreatable depression. Their findings showed that parents of autistic children are equally as skilled as parents of normal children on average. Please visit our online store to order your Pleo-Quent. Hence, the intersecting issues of germ fear mongering and vaccine damages must be separated so the recipes can be revealed, even if it’s to focus on just one single victim. But labs that collude with some doctors send back alarming results that appear to show high levels of metal in the child’s urine. Because of the heterogeneity of symptoms, the wide range in their severity and the spectrum of functional deficits, the term Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) is now being used to account for the differences seen in these children (Wing 1997). What is most important and significant is that the above list does not address the currently suspected causes and regards manifestations of autism to originate and have their cause in the brain rather than elsewhere in the body.

No single gene has been identified as responsible and most genetic researches believe that multiple genes are involved (International Molecular Genetic Study of Autism Consortium, 1998). In additon, there appears to be a correlation between of virus serology and brain autoantibodies in autism (see Immunity/Inflammation). With the exception of fibrotic tissue deposited in the organs by years of disease, we have seen the body exhibit a miraculous ability to heal itself. The study will be published shortly in the European diabetes journal Diabetologia which can be found at Diabetologia Journal HERE.