Is this much pain and bleeding typical? – Herpes

? I was also wondering if any females on here who have herpes have ever had an outbreak of sores that did not include painful urination or discharge…just straight sores and no other symptoms. She did a gyne check and she said, she didnt see any obvious herpes-like symptoms. The previous week, I’d had rough (protected) sex that got completely out of control. After all, from everything I’ve read, nothing says a 6 week outbreak is normal, nor is a tear that heals sometimes overnight. Last week, after having sex with someone I see casually (but have known for over a year) it seemed like my cuts came back. (Mine was always in the same spot.

They resemble paper cuts. What is fissuring of the posterior fourchette? Perhaps a trip to the doctor to have a swab done of the paper like cuts is in order. My husband (44) never gets these and he never gets any OBs however I (39) constantly have these cuts in the folds of my labia and in the perinium area. Herpes sores on or between the buttocks are common (and sometimes slow to heal), as are lesions on the thigh. But every now and then, you hear a horror story about someone who went swimming in the ocean and ended up with some kind of flesh-eating bug. Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), the most commonly encountered subtype of the herpesviruses, can present in many different locations and with variable clinical features [1].

I’m wondering if my problem is vulvodynia related? Then to apply regular vagasil cream. He told me he was HIV negative and did not have herpes. What is it? They are found in the vaginal area also. I also go through having sex in this period, and when I do the pain is worse. Slightly swollen or sore lymph nodes in your groin, neck and armpits (could feel like peas under the skin).

or trying everything under-the sun over the counter and irritating the problem…PLEASE GO TO THE DOCTOR if it is at all persistent or re-occuring…. If you are having recurring open areas that seem like cuts, you could have an infection like herpes and you should see your healthcare provider. I dont know if this is relevant but about a month ago i started experiencing extreme vaginal itchiness, since its a very uncomfortable place i only scratched when i had a chance and always faced an afterwards burning i never told my mom or an adult about it since i am “secretly” sexually active and was afraid of my mom noticing, i read a lottle but about this an discarded as a yeast infection and used a cream that is for vaginal itching an it seemed to do the work. Saturday, the 19th, I had condomless sex per usual. They’re not deep, but they’re about an inch long and they sting like crazy…you wouldn’t even notice them unless they were pointed out because they literally are on the first layer of skin. My SO of 2 years has had cold sores in the past, but he hasn’t had an outbreak in a while. Seeing as both of us were clean at our last test.

Thanks in advance for your helpful comments. The only painfull urination was the initial outbreak cause I damn there scratched and scratched and scratcheddddd my vaginal area until i knew it was herpes. When I made it the to back and explained my symptoms and spread my legs, the PA kept asking me if we’d used a toy or foreign object, which was unnerving, but upon spreading apart my labia, he then said that it looked herpetic. Anyways, thank you for listening to me freak out! Herpes outbreaks don’t always look like blisters. The tissue of my labia began to go necrotic from the leisions. They are especially aggravated by urinating, sex, any tight underwear or any temperature of water.

The best way to get the most accurate diagnosis if to have a sample of vaginal secretions examined under a microscope by a GYN or clinic. the females in my family tend to get them – but the pain felt different – it hurt to urinate as it burned the lesions on my inner labia. One person got rid of it with Bag Balm (American cream http://www.*******.com/), one used Aqueous (British cream http://www.********* and one Zinc Oxide. I rushed to my Dr. Many women have this, it is not abnormal. Researchers are also working to make gels or creams that would kill the virus before it could infect someone. Herpes simplex virus can also enter through a cut or break in the ordinary skin on other parts of the body.

“This is the first time that antiviral therapy has demonstrated the ability to prevent or reduce transmission of a virus,” researcher Gisela Torres, MD, of the University of Texas Medical Branch Center for Clinical Studies, tells WebMD.