Letter about circumcision

Peter who stood up and said, “Now therefore, why tempt you God to put a yoke upon the necks of the disciples, which neither our fathers nor we have been able to bear?” People love to try to pit Paul against Peter and vice versa, but we Catholics have the writings of both men in our Bibles. MbP remains legal. Herpes is a condition that causes sores and blisters on the skin. Two Brooklyn infants have contracted herpes through a controversial religious circumcision ritual in the past three months, according to the city’s Health Department. The Medline search combined disease-specific Medical Subject Heading terms (Herpes Simplex OR Herpes Genitalis OR Simplexvirus OR Encephalitis, Herpes Simplex) and keywords (herpes OR herpes simplex virus OR adverse event OR complication) with risk factor keywords (circumcision OR bris OR brit). In several cases this has lead to brain damage and even death. The mayor and his health commissioner said they would continue to study the matter but that they would not ban the practice, with Mr.

The parents and the mohel must be on the same page on this latter point. Thomas Farley also released a statement [PDF] urging that metzitzah b’peh not be performed. Mohelim and rabbis are concerned that the headlines about the current case might turn some people off to the idea of having their sons ritually circumcised. This data emphasize the importance of being diligent in maintaining proper infection control procedures (eye protection, gloves, mask) when performing routine dental examinations and procedures. Cohn first administered a topical anesthetic, wrapping gauze around the child’s legs to isolate the sterilized area. To try to counter that, Berman later said that he was in contact with the “State of Israel” (he said this twice, I believe) and cited a report issued by the Israeli Chief Rabbinate (which is haredi controlled) and Israel’s Ministry of Health  (which is also haredi-controlled and is headed by a a haredi rabbi, Gur hasid Rabbi Yaakov Litzman, who is is notoriously corrupt). This has been confirmed by many doctors and scientists who have debunked the negative hype disseminated by so-called experts relying on outdated and inaccurate medical data.

Painting it in this fashion is a pure smear and an implicit (and contemptible) falsehood — as is the reference in the subtitle to “Insane Jewish pedophiles.” That is ENTIRELY unjustified and a horrifying example of plain old hate-peddling propaganda. Kurzmann described Fischer as a London-trained, “internationally known” mohel, or someone who performs circumcisions. They look for lesions on the genitalia, indicating that’s where the virus started. The consent form, drafted by the city’s health department, warned parents that MBP poses a risk of infecting their child with herpes, which could result in brain damage or death. The protocols had been ridiculed by scientists and medical professionals who pointed out that a mohel rinsing out his mouth with wine, whisky or mouthwash immediately before doing MBP provided no assurance the virus would not be transferred to the baby. Haredi leaders have resisted calls to replace direct oral suction with alternative approaches used by some mohels, such as the use of a sterile tube or gauze to take the blood from the circumcision wound. On that last point, Failed Messiah notes it appears that Rockland Health Department Commissioner Dr.

In babies, it can cause serious brain damage or death, they said. The crazz files is a totally independent Australian website & podcast show. of the dialogue found in this supposed diary. The deal also stipulates that if an infant begins showing symptoms of herpes after metzitzah b’peh, rabbinical leaders will help the health department identify which mohel performed the bris and ask him to be tested for the virus, a level of cooperation that hasn’t happened in the past. By learning about the common signs of abuse and how you can assist through anonymous reporting, you can save a child’s life. Can everybody please reply to this post by saying “I agree that it’s not ok”? On October 26, 2004, an 18-day-old baby boy died in Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn.

“There is an unwillingness on the community’s part to buy into the regulation,” said lawyer Akiva Shapiro, who helped defend the new policy when Orthodox groups filed a federal lawsuit challenging it as an infringement on religious practice. Whenever something’s source or purpose can not be found, it is inevitably justified by appealing to halachah leMosheh miSinai. But haredi rabbis refuse to stop MBP, even though some important haredi rabbis in previous generations banned it, and the city and state refuse to ban it, supposedly because they fear it will just continue to be done underground. The Rockland County Health Commissioner has ordered a Monsey rabbi to stop performing oral-suction circumcisions and to take a Herpes test. AI is a Jewish communal organization that represents the most conservative Jewish believers, Haredi or ultra-Orthodox Jews.