My name is debra and I have herpes needing the same miracle God gave you

Because if a doctor treats a disease such as cancer, for instance, through surgery, radiation or chemotherapy without removing the cellular memories that created the cancer in the first place, the cancer is likely to come back. I’m going to stay here for a week and try to determine what to do.” I cried out to God and I said, “Lord, there is somebody in this world.I know.;” I’d tried everything – I’d read forty books by this time on health and nutrition and different nutrition. Her experiences actually imprinted themselves into the cells of her body in the form of cellular memories. It must be restricted to healing through holding of hands and/or quiet prayer only. When she developed cancer later as an adult, doctors and health practitioners had reason to conclude that her cancer came as a result of the resentment she had harbored for many years. IMPORTANT:  Even if you’re already sick, once you remove the internal stress caused by those destructive cellular memories, your immune system will begin to function the way it’s supposed to — and there’s nothing the body is not capable of healing. This is a living document, all new codes and the links to the messages shall be integrated here.

I said, “There has to be somebody in this world who can help me.” And I cried every day during that week. It is time for us to discuss the various healing codes and how to use them. De energie zal door je gedachten worden overgebracht. I love you so much, my child, and know that these energies and my love will wake you up and let you recognize who you are. Although not all of these side effects may occur, if they do occur they may need medical attention. My sons had Sensory Processing Disorder (I call it “almost autism”), asthma, allergies and acid reflux, while I had shingles (twice!), severe fatigue, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, bronchitis, irritability and insomnia. If we can pull, delete and cancel these programs then replace them with positive downloads such as, “I am supported by the universe” or “I am the best choice for that job,” then we are sending out different sparks to the universe after which we experience tremendous shifts in our lives.

Biogetica’s methods simply remind this pharmacy within the body to produce what it is meant to. Love The Real Da Vinci Code The Book of 528 has finally arrived! I can say I have heard others say of Ming Tong Gu that he is not as collaborative in spirit as the other remaining Masters trained by Dr. This would be similar to being unable to exhale completely. The process of change that you are presently undergoing has been initiated within the molecular structure of the brain. This has been scientifically proven through the use of  Heart Rate Variability (HRV), the only reliable medical apparatus for measuring stress in the nervous system. 1).

Use them. The spaces between the numbers are IMPORTANT–be sure to copy them exactly as written for them to work. My partner and guide in the use of supplements is Dr. This work can help, but it is an ongoing process of Awakening to our Higher (Christ) Consciousness… Let us help you fight to create a new system that you naturally run to when faced with the common cold, influenza, pain, or any other physical attack that this world sends your way. AmbioDisk (Katena/IOP) and BioDOptix (BioD, LLC), released in 2012 and 2013, respectively, are two additional sutureless AM products commercially available in the United States that are dry (IOP Ophthalmics, 2012; BioD, 2015). This article will show you how to best deal with magnesium deficiencies.

God’s Healing Tool Box  through us for you. The intended use of a product may be established through product labels and labeling, catalogs, brochures, audio and videotapes, Internet sites, or other circumstances surrounding the distribution of the product. HIV/AIDS came from chimpanzees used to develop the hepatitis B vaccine, according to massive scientific evidence suppressed by the “medical dieties” at the CDC and elsewhere. It is no longer the exclusive domain of alternative medicine advocates and natural health enthusiasts. Not only that, but I am highly connected to doctors, therapists and healers of many different healing modalities, so I can make specific and individualized recommendations for tests and therapies that would also be helpful. Trains and taxis provide transportation to O’Hare. Five minutes later, he was playing, pain free.

I woke up and I thought, “Wow, I’m getting better, I’m feeling better.” That night, I slept six hours straight. I didn’t know it at the time I was diagnosed with Lou Geherig’s Disease (ALS), but the new therapy I was searching for is “The Healing Codes,” developed by Dr. Divine Mother ADORES all of Her children and wants each one to know how MUCH she cares…for them.