NSW P Plate prohibited vehicles list changes

Post some more details thanks. The other thing to note is there right hand drive as well……. Hey all Anyone experienced a whining timing belt? The rear seats and pretty epic too, I’ve never actually been in another car with rear seats as comfy as these. To be the first to have the VXRacing AP upgrades please contact VXR Performance Centre on 08702424334 or email vxr@tripleeight.co.uk. Revolution Motorstore www.Revolution247.com – Air Filters, Alloy Wheels, Engine Bay & Tuning, Exhausts, Lighting, Merchandise, Seats & Safety, Styling & Accessories, Tyres, Wheel Accessories, Brakes, Suspension and great service!!! …and i’m sure Alcon were making some breaks that fitted the VXR and performed better…??

All this works brilliantly on mine, and as I say is only 8 bhp down with a smooth petrol to LPG and visa versa conversion. Both can be flung around a track, fit in a tight parking spot at Westfield, will carry the shopping and five people, and are loaded with standard kit. Back of the dash panel – other side of the car though! It’s likely that whatever engine sits under the hood will be sending power to all four wheels, too. If it stalls, greater torque reserve is required, decrease idle timing a decrement ally and repeat above. I am based in Portsmouth, Hampshire. In time, TWR and Walkinshaw developed the body kit adorning the VL, which reduced drag by 25 percent over the previous HDT SS.

Hatch or sedan doesn’t really matter. If so, does that mean you cannot replace the shockies? Or at worst, a damp road unless you’re very very cautious. as these guys said what was the reason map etc?? Is it a typo and is it meant to be -0.05deg instead? Sorry can’t upload photo’s as the forum server is down. For some of us the traditional large capacity, front engine rwd platform is all that will do.

Much prefer the smaller cleaner font (no feet) on the Slims too. Vauxhall has re-badged and sold the Holden coupe for the UK market since 2004, promoting it with somewhat dubious lines such as “champagne quality at lager prices” and “unbeatable power for pound”. Now that looks incredibly familiar….right down to the tinted windows…. I spoke to my mechanic/friend who thought it may be a hydraulic tappet. The mileage will be going up now its my daily driver, just in time for winter. I was struggling to sell the TVR, and kept lowering price which basically meant the Monaro fund was shrinking, so I had just about given up and was resigned to the fact that I would end up for a Jag or MG (not exactly the end of the world, but both can be had much cheaper!). Has anyone got the same problem, had it fixed under warranty, polished it out successfully or replaced with an after-market alternative???

Thinking maybe White? I think the Corsa shape suits the brighter colours and I would like to see a broader range of unique VXR only colours. BTW,,,,first post here,,,lol,,,yeah Im a guy who knows what he wants…. 35) JordanNeilVXR – 36) Raiden – 37) Tom_Y2K4 – 38 ) roxieAFC – Corsa Blue Edition 39) aj_1608 – Arden Astra 40) Vxrutt – 41) robertnottingham – Arden Vectra 42) Mattynw – Arden Astra 43) swell – Red Astra? I’ve had this laying around for a while, so it needs to go on eBay. Its been a while since i updated this thread! For sale by trader in Petworth, Sussex.

A fair rendition of the Vectra/Astra/Zafira VXR alloy, which is similar to the 2005 VXR wheel. When we migrate from Singapore to Sydney, we imported our much-loved 2001 Opel Omega. Time it takes doesn’t really bother me, its getting it all back together without any bits that won’t go back on. Went and had a look at one of these hot hatches today, salesman twisted my arm, offering a test drive. Originally Posted by schmallz AMG is Mercedes in house performance group, but your telling me that HSV isn’t? Lol, me too, sod it change of plan – it’s now £1,350 Nah, £750 is fine for me, not greedy, as much as I’m really skint atm . Well people after a great meet at Donington, Vauxhall Motorsport will once again be backing us for the 3rd meet of the year and the final round of the BTCC series at Silverstone on the 15th Oct 2006, For all those VXR owners who missed the last this is your chance to join us for another great meet with plenty of excitment of the races and a great day for meeting fellow VXR enthusiasts.

Great comparison picture. Will these Bridgestones fit on the rear of my car OK please? Do the cars really need that much work doing to them to get them into a good daily driver?