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English Setters are rare, ranking 98th among the breeds registered by the American Kennel Club, so if you’d like to share your life with one of these happy, lively dogs, be prepared to spend some time on a waiting list before a puppy is available. The first Whippet to be registered with the American Kennel Club was a dog named Jack Dempsey, in 1888. The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America became a member club of the AKC in 1981. Choose the middle-of-the-road puppy, not the one who’s beating up his littermates or the one who’s hiding in the corner. naval officer who had become fascinated by the dogs while in Turkey, and who began to breed them once back in California. Dalmatians have been utilized for a variety of jobs during their long history, never specializing in one area. Devoted and even-tempered, the Pointer is described as a congenial companion.

A daily walk or an energetic playtime in a fenced yard satisfies his exercise needs. He’s also reserved (not necessarily unfriendly) with strangers. Not all Shar-Peis will get any or all of these diseases, but it’s important to be aware of them if you’re considering this breed. The first written record of Bloodhounds tracking thieves and poachers was in 1805, although stories of their use for that purpose date to the 16th century. Males stand 10 inches tall and weigh 14 pounds. Socialization helps ensure that your Havanese puppy grows up to be a well-rounded dog. Be patient, firm, and consistent when training them.

This sparked alarm for some fanciers of the original breed, and in 1940 the magazine Field and Stream called for a resurrection of the breed as a working dog. If you want a Canaan Dog puppy, expect to spend time on a waiting list. Chinese traders once used the Chinese Crested as ratters on their ships, and they may have served this function in agricultural settings as well. The Germans were so protective of their “Gray Ghosts” that although Knight promised he would protect the purity of the breed, the club sent him two desexed dogs. In 1880, Dalziel again had the opportunity to judge the Airedale Terrier and referred to the dog as such in his report. The disease varies in severity: the dog could simpy develop arthritis, or he could become lame. Lhasas were not allowed to leave the country except when given as gifts by the Dalai Lama.

They do not do well in homes with other small pets, as their instinct to chase may take over. Dogs with hip dysplasia should not be bred. Females stand 17 inches tall and weigh approximately 35 pounds. Meeting siblings or other relatives of the parents is also helpful for evaluating what a puppy will be like when he grows up. In the 1920s, Toy Fox Terriers that were too big for their own breeding program were introduced into the Rat Terrier’s breeding program. Ownership of Bull Terriers is restricted or banned in some cities, states, and provinces. You’ll want at least a small yard to help them get out some of their high energy.

Neos are generally clumsy dogs who have trouble navigating more than a few stairs, especially as puppies. Even though they are small dogs, Pembrokes have a lot of energy and need a healthy amount of exercise each day. He’s worth the work, though. As the gruff friend of an animated cocker spaniel, who portrayed loyalty and protectiveness when he told an equally animated Tramp to take a walk without the Lady, the Scottish Terrier Jock evoked an image that generations of children have enjoyed. Others need daily, vigorous exercise — especially those that were originally bred for physically demanding jobs, such as herding or hunting. Will the local wildlife literally drive your dog wild? Dogs that like to chase need to be leashed or kept in a fenced area when outdoors, and you’ll need a high, secure fence in your yard.

Breeds that were originally used for bird hunting, on the other hand, generally won’t chase, but you’ll probably have a hard time getting their attention when there are birds flying by. Rasmus and he exchanged no more than a few words. Other dogs need more time, patience, and repetition during training. Dogs come in all sizes, from the world’s smallest pooch, the Chihuahua, to the towering Great Dane, how much space a dog takes up is a key factor in deciding if he is compatible with you and your living space. Some breeds are brush-and-go dogs; others require regular bathing, clipping, and other grooming just to stay clean and healthy. Stranger-friendly dogs will greet guests with a wagging tail and a nuzzle; others are shy, indifferent, or even aggressive. Our ratings are generalizations, and they’re not a guarantee of how any breed or individual dog will behave.