Standard STI test kit

Better2Know combined PAP smear and HPV test – Recommended for women who are concerned about their HPV status and cervical health, this combined test will look for any changes to the cells of your cervix as well as test you for 20 types of the virus. Genital herpes Diagnosis and Analysis This is a blood test that previously provided by gathering at home with the kit. Who should be screened receive the recommended STD tests, CDC said. For men, Better2Know offers swab tests. Data/Statistics Although nearly all cervical cancers are caused by HPV, cancer in some other areas of the body discussed on the page are often, but not always, caused by HPV. If you choose a home kit over a test with a healthcare professional, you also miss out on the back-up, aftercare and counselling that healthcare professionals can provide. Good and fast service.

I found special. No doctor needed. Herpes is a recurrent, life-long viral infection of the skin andthe mouth and genitals. If you find out that you are infected with gonorrhea, you should also notify your sex partner(s) so that they can be treated, even if they don’t have symptoms. When the infection has progressed, an HIV positive person can start to feel very sick and develop an AIDS defining illness. Any genital symptom such as discharge or burning during urination or an unusual sore or rash should be a signal to stop having sex and to consult a health care provider immediately. In rare cases, the virus can damage the eye’s cornea.

The Herpes Simplex Virus may cause blisters around the mouth, or on the genital areas of both men and women. Hepatitis B can lead to long-term liver damage and higher risks of developing liver cancer. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea is treated by taking antibiotics. These kits have only one difference. Vinegar aids in balancing pH levels and also restricts herpes growth. offers a 30-day cookie return- as long as your visitors purchase within 30 days of visiting the site, you get a commission. The difference being the level of qualification and service, the lab staff is qualified and experienced and re-tests your sample a few times to confirm if you test positive.

There is currently no medication available to eliminate the virus from the body. During this latent period, damage can be occuring to the body, damaging the internal organs, brain, nerves, eyes, heart etc. Untreated gonorrhea can in women about 20% of cases result in pelvic inflammatory disease (ie, inflammation of the ovaries, uterus or fallopian tubes) and thus increased risk of infertility, chronic abdominal pain and ectopic pregnancy. Most people can have the test carried out on a urine sample. When symptoms do occur, they are often within two to 10 days after exposure, but they can take up to 30 days to develop. If someone with HIV is diagnosed early and is able to access treatment then their life expectancy is as good as if they were HIV negative. Sexual transmission in extremely rare in monogamous heterosexual couples but there is an increased risk of infection for gay men and the HIV positive community.

Every rapid HIV test uses an antibody test. A recent study by the Program for Appropriate Technology (PATH) about the user-friendliness of HIV self-testing kits in Kenya, Malawi and South Africa, highlighted that the user manuals often contain unclear instructions and use complicated terminology, causing errors when performing the test. They will be able to help you get the specialist advice that you need. It does not usually cause any symptoms or other complications. Several studies have shown that offering home-based STD tests to women significantly increases screening rates. Collect a urine sample in the container we provide in your kit, then send it back in the prepaid packaging provided. Reducing the number of partners you have sex with also reduces the risk of being infected.

Use you first morning urine. The chlamydia test kit for men consists of a plastic sample bottle which you will use to provide a urine sample. It can also grow in the mouth, throat, eyes and anus. The fight between good and evil; the quest to do the right thing. We help thousands of people get tested every year for STIs and other health concerns and diagnostic tests. In men, the infection is often diagnosed in those who suffer from Urethritis (inflammation of the urethra) which is not caused by Gonorrhoea or Chlamydia. About 80% of Zika Virus infections are likely to go unnoticed.

Why and who should test for HIV? If you require one particular STD test we will be able to do this for you. Please see the clinic finder to locate your nearest Sexual Health Service where a full range of STI testing is available. Our Sexual Health Clinic is open on Wednesday mornings in Chester.