The Fine Line Permanent Cosmetics| pre & post care

1. Sparse brows will appear fuller with several  colors added to your existing brow hair.For those that do not have any brow hair, let us create the ”perfect brow” to complement your facial features. 1. I always recommend that a doctor’s note must be brought with on the day of procedure to ensure that all safety precautions have been taken. Because the coloring and shape of the natural lip is unpredictable, it is common for a technician to request you attend a consultation before an appointment for the actual procedure is scheduled. It will take time for this transition for the wet ink to dry to a soft powder form, approximately 7-10 days. If ointment causes a problem, discontinue use, rinse with buffered eyewash and seek medical attention for an antibiotic steroid eye drop.

No worries! Permanent cosmetic procedures are a process and at least one follow-up to the initial procedure should be scheduled. You also won’t be able to wear any other makeup around the procedure area during this time. Fever Blisters are a known side effect of all lip procedures. Anti-Viral medications – It is recommended if you ever (even years ago) had fever blisters, cold sores or shingles to obtain a prescription from the doctor or dentist to take before a procedure. Color correctors blend post-surgical marks with your normal skin tone. Immediately following a procedure, there will be mild swelling, redness, or tenderness that lasts a few hours to a few days (eyebrows swell less than eyes and lips).

Allow 2-3 hours for each procedure initially. Your individual skin will tell me when it has taken all the pigment it can absorb in one visit. Pat try with a paper towel and keep lip area moist with a natural lip balm such as BURT’S BEES COCONUT LIP BALM or organic coconut oil/grapeseed oil/aquaphor. There is typically not a problem if the lip filler is injecter AFTER the permanent makeup has completely healed. Do not rub, wipe, or scratch area. This process may take up to 10 days. Eyebrows: Your eyebrows will appear thicker and much darker for up to 5 days post procedure until any scab peels off.

Lips must wait 6 weeks. Take a look at the “Before and After Photos” on the next page. The sun as well as hot tubs or pools should be avoided. I have years of experience in color theory and application and will help guide you through this process. I follow what is required to be in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) including Blood Borne Pathogen Standards and Universal Safety Precautions. In the last 10 years, better and safer pigments have been formulated for permanent makeup which fade faster so that they can be refreshed after a couple of years so new shapes can be applied without having to go through a damaging removal process. You will find something to “pick” or “criticize”, and the complete finished look should not be judged during this healing time.

You can save up to 100 hours in a single year that we re formerly spent struggling to draw eyebrows evenly or eyeliner half-way straight. Gently exfoliate lips with a soft toothbrush or washcloth morning and night the day before procedure. Day 4 There is a “pinching” feeling. This is why it is recommended to wait a minimum of six to eight weeks before the follow up procedure. We highly recommend anti-viral medication Heviran (400 or 800 mg): 4 days prior to the treatment, on the day of the treatment and 3-4 days after the treatment. • Do not use whitening tooth paste after a lip procedure…it could bleach out the lip pigment. Leave the tattooed area exposed to the air so that it can begin to heal but keep the area moist with the ointment given to you until the healing is complete.

If you must reschedule your treatment, please provide at least 24 hours notice. Since delicate skin or sensitive areas may swell slightly or redden, some clients feel it best not to make any social plans for a day or two, following procedure. Using a marbling method that creates a 3D effect, the finished areola/nipple looks so soft and natural you often can’t tell they’re not real. Therefore, the system is void of any chance of cross-contamination. Procedures can feel achy for a few days and flaking of pigment is normal. This all depends on how well you take care of the tattoo, as well as your age and other biological factors. Day 3: Eyebrows start to itch and will appear a bit thicker in texture.

Please wear your normal make-up and bring your lip or brow pencils to the office on the day of the procedure. Fees for Corrective Work are quoted in person. Individuals with medical conditions that may be of concern during and after procedures, such as uncontrolled high blood pressure, blood-clotting problems, auto-immune conditions, or the tendency to form scaring, or fever blisters (for lip procedures,) or anyone required to take antibiotics prior to a general dental cleaning will be asked to consult with their doctor before undergoing a permanent cosmetic procedure.