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We take our responsibilities very seriously, especially since the death of Dr. With The Ultimate Zapper there are no surprises awaiting you — except the amazing results. I only promote products I really, really believe in, and this is something I really believe in. 3. I still have one. Southern Medical Journal 94:545-547, 2001. I didn’t have any specific health problems I was trying to fix.

I first noticed that my heels which were always dried and cracked no matter what I did were no longer so, I had a dry spot on my bottom lip that kept reappearing everytime I took it off that just fell off one day and did not come back. Remain in the bath for about one hour until all the worms are out. . That’s my unit in the picture. Hulda Clark used a frequency generator to deal with various pathogens. Electroporation is mainly possible at the very low frequencies but does not seem to occur at 100 Hz or higher frequencies. Its frequency has been increased to 6600 hz which is still in the same effective range.

FREQUENCY GENERATOR FOR HEALTH AS PER HULDA R. 3. 9.Add HCL (5% USP) to food when served, 15 drops with meals, stirred into foods. We’ve found that the other components of the TERMINATOR seem to organize and focus this energy in the form of kundalini. In addition, the respondents claimed that Herb Veil 8 is effective in the treatment of carcinomas, adenocarcinomas and melanomas. I would try essential oils to purify and rid my body if i had herpes. The primary (first episode) infections caused by HSV-1 & 2 are accompanied by systemic illness, longer duration of symptoms, and higher rate of complications while recurrent episodes are milder and of shorter duration.

It can due to heat, allergens, medications, infections, and immune system disorder. BUT I still felt the swollen feeling after taking the product and after eating. However, you can treat it as many times as you would like, and it can be used up to every half hour until the symptoms disappear. will post up track results after some testing, weather permitting. Hulda R. plus a mangy cat was loitering near my house, and my cats are indoor/outdoor. Dr Clark has quantified the bandwidths of most known active parasites we as humans can carry.

Cold sore you’re infection will be doing, hiding formulas from acne medication called carmex or Abreva to conceal it and if you are done reading this, the virus activation depends on your particularly aggressively heal cold sores. then quickly open to form ulcers. If you do experience frequent herpes outbreaks, it is worth trying to cut back or eliminating these foods from your diet and then see if it helps to relieve your symptoms. e. While classified as vaccines by their developers, HerpV and GEN-003 are still mostly targeted at responding to the symptoms of an active infection. We found that it worked all of the time. Feline respiratory disease affects cats of all ages, especially young kittens, Siamese and Burmese cats.

While there, they heard about my friend, a nutritionist/herbalist/muscle-tester we will call ‘Ann’. It is therefore important to take precautionary measures when dealing with an infected person to avoid cross-transmission. SanPharma Candida (Candida parapsilosis) – INDICATIONS: Candida is effective for treating all infections and inflammations that afflict body orifices, including mycotic infections, leukorrhea, dental foci, granuloma dentis, rhagades and pemphigus. Both men were thrown in jail and eventually fled the US in order to continue helping people to live beyond their allopathic death sentences. The zapper actually has the ability to kill off parasites that exist in the blood. The Zapper comes with two prongs that release the wave form. Revision September 26, 1995 Copyright 1996 by Robert C.

Testimonial for zapping spider and tick bites Very effective on spider or tick bite,also on facial pain due to cold or flu. HULDA CLARK KNOWS VERY WELL WHAT TO DO TO BECOME ALKALINE. any way i went to the health food store was showen and bought the book cuer for all deseases by miss clark well that was in 96 so i made friends with the lady at the health food store and she turned me on to her connection for a Hulda Clark zapper i paid 50 bucks for it still wish i had it got swiped in 2000 thats anouther story, any way i had an out break on my foerskin area as usual instead of holding the copper rods as the book said holding them in your hands i laid one right on my herpes sore and stuck the other in my mouth you can feel the current at both ends where the herps sore blisters were broken and the current stung it but i was desperate so i hung in there and much to my surprise it healed up in less than three days one month later i had anouther out break but this time i only had one blister normal size instead of the 7 or 8 so i popped it, did the same thing again one in my mouth and one on my soer using my legs to hold it tight well that was the last time ive ever had an out break that was in 96 so im proclaimming im cuered now i got hep c and im really sick im 44 got a new wife and one littel one, and one on the way so i need to be healthy for the family ive begun to miss work so i would implore anyone who has been cured of hep c or aids please tell me your or there story i dont want to here some snake oil salesmens stories i want real people who come here or you know.